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John Doe

Credentials:   Contact Information:
ECFMG Certified, Fluent in 4 languages
USMLE Step1:   December 2006, 87
USMLE Step2 CK:   June 2007, 77
USMLE Step2 CS:   July 2007, Passed
ECFMG Certification:   August 2007
Phone:   1-111-222-3333, 1-222-333-4444, 1-999-888-7777
Address:   1211 East Narrow Lane, Chicago, IL60111

Personal Statement

During my clinical training, I was able to acquire comprehensive educational experiences and skills in the diagnosis and management of pediatric cases especially the critically-ill ones. Through hard work, perseverance and willingness to serve the nation's underprivileged majority, I became one of the Assistant Chief Residents during my third year of residency. My duties and responsibilities   were focused on two main areas: Patients' Services and Research/Publications.

In order to improve the quality of patient care, I was able to utilize and maximize the available medical resources and equipment in the treatment of acute and chronic pediatric conditions. Moreover, I was able to do my research on the antibacterial properties of some medicinal plants as a potential cure for most common bacterial wound isolates among pediatric patients. It earned several awards in both local and national Pediatric research presentations. Consequently, I had gained invaluable insights and confidence as a true pediatrician. It was a period of personal growth and maturation.

After I finished my Pediatric residency training, I worked as a consultant in General Pediatrics at Medical Center in South Pole City, Antarctic. I had the opportunity to apply my clinical abilities to diagnose and treat both the hospitalized and ambulatory pediatric patients.  However, I am aware that there are still so many things to learn in Pediatrics. The quest for knowledge is unending and the challenges are quite demanding and tremendous. These led me realize to seek further clinical fellowship training in Neonatology and Perinatal Medicine at the Hospital of Wisconsin.

I am currently on my third year of Neonatology fellowship training.  This provides me a broad exposure to various neonatal conditions such as low birth weight infants, micropremies, newborns with congenital malformations needing surgical care and all medical problems arising during neonatal period. Furthermore, I am highly skilled in procedures such as endotracheal intubation, peripheral IV and central PICC line insertions, chest tube placement, umbilical venous and arterial catheterization, arterial cannulation, lumbar puncture, exchange transfusion, neonatal resuscitation and ventilator management.  Later on, I am planning to work in a pediatric tertiary medical center where I can impart my expertise in Neonatology and continue my research endeavor. Most importantly, it is my goal to serve humanity in my own humble way.

General information
Name: Doe, John
School: South Exemplary Medical College
Birth date: 08/20/1971 Birth place: South Pole, Antarctica
Gender: Male Race: White
Ethnicity: No Answer Citizenship: Foreign National
Visa type: B-1, B-2 - Temporary visitor Expected visa: H-1B or J-1
Address: 1211 East Narrow Lane, Chicago, IL60111
Phones: 1-111-222-3333, 1-999-888-7777, 1-222-333-4444 (cell)
E-mail: Fax: 1-999-888-7777

ID#: 123467890 NRMP: Yes
AAMC ID: 12345678 Couples match: No
USMLE ID: 1-234-567-8

Examinations and ECFMG certification
Examination   Status Date
USMLE Step 2 CS (Clinical Skills) Passed 07 / 2007
USMLE Step 2 CK (Clinical Knowledge) Passed 06 / 2007
USMLE Step 1 Passed 12 / 2006
Are you certified by the ECFMG ? Yes Certification Date: 08 / 2007

Obligations and Limitations
Military Service Obligation? No Years: Military Branch:
Other Service Obligation? No Description:
Felony Conviction? No Reason:
Limitations? No Description:

State medical licenses

Medical Licensure
ACLS: Yes Exp.Date: 08 / 2009
PALS: No Exp.Date:
DEA REG #: No Exp.Date:
Board Certification? No   Reason:
Medical Licensure Problem? No Reason:
Ever named in a Malpractice suit? No Reason:
Past History? No Reason:

Medical education
Institution and location   Dates attended Degree Date of degree
South Exemplary Medical College, Arctic Zone 08 / 1999 - 12 / 2004 Yes, MBBS 05 / 2005
Medical education extended or interrupted ? No

Medical School Honors/Awards

Membership in Honorary/Professional Societies



Experience Organization Position Dates Supervisor
Work New Medicine Association, South Pole House Officer 04 / 2007 - 08 / 2007 Dr. Micky Mouse
Description: Reason for leaving:
  Acute Unselected Medical ontake of 30pts/day Managed acutely sick patients of Medicine and Gastroenterology Consented patients for endoscopic procedures Member of the cardiac arrest team Participated at Journal club and Grand rounds Presentation - Case of Hepatitis E in grand rounds  
Work First Maternity And Surgical Hospital, Antarctica Volunteer 05 / 2006 - 12 / 2006 Dr. Mini Mouse
Description: Reason for leaving:
  I have attended OPDs, assisted in conducting delieveries, inserting intra contraceptive devices, various surgeries, attended prenatal and postnatal clinics.  
Work North Medical Centre, Antarctica Volunteer 02 / 2006 - 03 / 2006 Dr. Scrooge McDuck
Description: Reason for leaving:
  I have worked with the doctor in the hospital and took rounds with him. Also i use to take histories and examine patients. I use to assist in various ward procedures and also in handling various emergencies.  
Work Sun Nursing Home, Antarctica Junior House Officer, Gastroenterology and Geriatric medicine 08 / 2005 - 02 / 2006 Dr. Unknown
Description: Reason for leaving:
  Worked in Medicine for the Elderly, Gastroenterology and Acute Medicine - Frontline of management of acutely ill medical patients, -Responsible for inpatient care of 30 patients -Working closely with MD,making discharge plan liaising with community services -Understanding Intermediary care team,Care home and Rehabilitation services -Managing weekly Outpatient clinics -Leading cardiac arrest team on wards and in Casualty -Training House officers in clerking and procedures -Clinical procedures performed independently Central Venous Catheterisation Endotracheal intubation Thoracocentesis Paracentesis Lumbar Puncture Commencing BIPAP Intercostal Drain Insertion  
Volunteer The Hospital, Los Angeles Volunteer 07 / 2007 - Dr. Abc
Description: Reason for leaving:
  I help in collecting blood, help the patients with their doubts.  


Language Fluency (Other than English)
Besides English, i can speak French, German and Dutch

Hobbies & Interests
Traveling, cooking, jogging .

Other Awards/Accomplishments
Awarded as Honor student.
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